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posted Sep 22, 2016, 7:50 AM by Kara Taylor   [ updated Apr 8, 2018, 8:26 AM by Yvette Maybee ]

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) offers a continuum of advanced academic services for all students in grades K-8. Learning experiences are designed to develop higher-level thinking through enrichment, acceleration, and extensions of the Program of Studies (POS). Teachers, administrators, and advanced academic resource teachers (AARTs) work together to provide the following levels of school-based services in each elementary school:


  • Critical and Creative Thinking Lessons, Grades K-6 (Level I)

            All students in kindergarten through grade six receive level I services which consist of model lessons that are designed to teach critical and creative thinking skills.  The lessons are modeled in all classrooms by AARTs and the thinking strategies are then used throughout the year by classroom teachers and other teachers who work with students. Student responses to these model lessons are used as part of the identification process for AAP services.  Parents may also practice the thinking strategies during family conversations and activities. A description of the nine critical and creative thinking strategies can be found at https://www.fcps.edu/index.php/registration/advanced-academics-identification-and-placement/elementary-school/current-fcps.

  • Differentiated Lessons in Areas of Academic Strength, Grades K-6 (Level II)

            The AART collaborates with classroom teachers to provide additional challenge through lessons and resources that extend and enrich the POS.  Level II services are part of a talent development pool. Students are rescreened annually to make decisions about the need for this level of service.

  • Part-Time Advanced Academic Programs, Grades 3-6 (Level III)

Students identified by a local school screening committee for part-time advanced academic services are challenged through models and strategies designed to extend and enrich the POS in the four core subject areas.  Students receive direct instruction from the AART at the local school using curriculum from the AAP Curriculum and Resources to Support the Differentiated Framework.  Students identified for Level III services continue to receive level III services through grade 6.

Screening for school-based services is done schoolwide in spring to determine services for the next school year.  Parents or guardians may initiate the screening for school-based services by submitting the AAP School-Based Services (Level II-III) referral form. However, it is important for Waples Mill families to know that we already screen ALL students for Advanced Academic school based services every year.  (Referral Form are available at https://www.fcps.edu/registration/advanced-academics-identification-and-placement/elementary-school/current-fcps at the bottom of the page in Forms).  Multiple criteria are used to screen students for all levels of AAP services. Parents or guardians whose child is found eligible will be notified by June 8, 2018.  

If a parent or guardian wishes to appeal an ineligible decision, they may submit an appeal with new data for consideration by the local school screening committee. This new information should be submitted to Carrie Bannon.

If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Bannon: cmbannon@fcps.edu.

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