Opportunities to Make a Difference

Multiple PTA programs will be “turning over” at the end of this school year.  The PTA would benefit from your expertise and enthusiasm to seize this opportunity to continue and improve several successful programs.  The programs of most impact are VP Volunteers, STAMP representative, and GRACE Art coordinator.  Additionally, program co-coordinators are needed for ToolBoxes and the WAM directory.  Please read to brief descriptions below and drop Brooks Moran (volunteer@waplesmillpta.org) or Tina Kenny (president@waplesmillpta.org) an email if you are interested.


Vice President of Volunteers:  This PTA Board level position is primarily responsible for finding capable parents to lead each PTA program, supporting the coordinators so their programs are successful, and working alongside each Board member to ensure the PTA appropriately performs its responsibilities to WMES.  The core responsibility, advertising for volunteers, is no longer the chore of years’ past with the dramatic modernization provided by the weekly PTA newsletter and the PTA website.  Parents also expect to learn of programs and those volunteer needs at Open House and Back-to-School Night.  (Organizing Open House is primarily the responsibility of the VP Volunteers.)  Participating in monthly PTA Board meetings and monthly PTA general meetings is expected.  Brooks Moran currently holds this position and will gladly chat with anyone interested (volunteer@waplesmillpta.org).


STAMP Representative:  The Science, Technology, Arts, Music, and Performance Committee consists of teachers, counselors, administrators at WMES, with the addition of one parent participant.  Meetings occur once each month (more often when activities are imminent) after school hours.  The panel works together to create an environment where WMES students can use their skills in science, technology, art, music to perform service in their community.  Highlights include hosting a symposium featuring student philanthropists and offering workshops to broaden the student’s vision of what they are capable of achieving, in addition to a hosting an end-of-the-school-year museum showcasing student achievement.  Brooks Moran (volunteer@waplesmillpta.org) has participated for two years and would like to bring on a parent with fresh ideas and enthusiasm before her tenure ends.


GRACE Art Coordinator:  The WMES PTA funds an Arts in the School (AIS) program supported by the GreaterRestonArts Center.  The Coordinator attends training provided by GRACE Art, selects the artists to be studied during the following school year, recruits parent volunteers to work with each classroom, works with the teachers to schedule the lessons, holds periodic meetings with the parent volunteers, and maintains the art supplies necessary to run the program.  Liz Litvany (liz@litvany.com) has led this effort for two school years and would now like to work alongside someone for several months in order to smoothly transition out of the coordinator position.


ToolBox Co-coordinator:  Many parents have come to rely on purchasing their student’s school supplies with one simple, easy order.  The program coordinator selects and interfaces with the supply company, organizes parent orders and submits them to the selected company, and works with the other co-coordinator who manages the distribution of the supplies once received.  Tammy Shields (tamjoy75@verizon.net) has led the order process in the past and would like to work alongside a new parent to show them the ropes this school year so that they can seamlessly take over the process next year.


WAM Directory Co-coordinator:  The WAM student directory is a handy resource listing student and family addresses, school staff contact info, class lists, and various advertising.  Gathering much of this information has been simplified by using an on-line database allowing each family to verify their own address by using secure, password-protected software.  A local company, School Directorease, sells the advertisements and provides the printed books, all while giving a “cut” to the PTA.  Lori Brodsky would like to find a new teammate to replace Brooks Moran.  Either of them may be contacted at directory@waplesmillpta.org.