posted Sep 19, 2016, 12:51 PM by Website Administrator
The Waples Mill Student Directory, affectionately referred to as The WAM Book for reasons unknown, is published each November. Unless a parent specifically opts out of having information included, the following details are included for each student:
-student's first and last name and home phone number
-parents' names, home address, and email addresses

Aside from those who have already opted out via paper form, everyone will receive an email to confirm their data. At that time you can update information and choose whether you want all, some, or none of your student's contact info included (you may choose to include your cell phone number, for example).

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers and room parents are unable to provide contact information for classmates to other people (e.g., for birthday invitations). 

Paper copies of the WAM Book will be published in November. They are $5 each OR you get a free copy with your PTA membership. The online version of the directory is available to PTA members only. Questions? Please contact Sonia at wambook@waplesmillpta.org.